About Us

I used to combine casual clothing & traditional Islamic garments to get a more contemporary look yet meet our Islamic dress code, without feeling "out of time" by the society we live in, especially in the west. Few months later, by the guidance of Allah SWT I’ve felt the urge to do something, that's when I’ve started to shape up the idea of creating an Online Marketplace for Muslim Fashion and lifestyle, and that’s when the name “The Urban Thawb” came to my mind, which is an signifies the goal of what we seek to achieve (i.e. an urban thawb) or better yet an expression of muslim fashion in urban mainstream society. 

Islam has a strong presence in urban environments around the world. Cities like Cairo, Istanbul, and Jakarta are known for their rich Islamic heritage and vibrant Muslim communities. In urban areas, Islam can take on a variety of forms, ranging from traditional practices to more contemporary expressions. Mosques are often the center of community life, providing a space for prayer, education, and social gatherings. Urban Muslims also face unique challenges, such as navigating diverse cultural norms and the pressures of modern society. Nevertheless, Islam continues to thrive in urban areas, serving as a source of identity, community, and spiritual guidance for millions of people.